Imposter Battle Royale

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Imposter Battle Royale

Imposter Battle Royale is a cool shooting game that mixes the excitement of battle royale with a neat way of combining weapons. It was made by PoPMu and came out in June 2021 for Android and July 2021 for WebGL.


Follow these simple instructions to play the game:

Movement W+A+S+D
Enter/Pick upE
Shoot Left Click

First, you give your hero a weapon. There’s a special “merge” system where you use gold to buy and combine weapons, making them stronger. Once you’re armed, you jump into the battle. It’s a fast and action-packed game that keeps you really excited.

You can play Imposter Battle Royale Game online without having to download them on EducateFarm. If you enjoyed this game, you might want to check out The Visitor Returns.

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