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Mad Cat

Mad Cat

Get set for loads of fun with “Mad Cat”! This game is great for everyone. You get to break everything in sight because all objects can be smashed. With endless levels, you’ll never run out of fun! Dive into the wild ride with Mad Cat and let the fun begin!


Follow these simple instructions to play the game:

For PlayingLeft Click

To win, you need to break everything or make items fall off the stage. But be careful of the lady wearing a gas mask! If she hits you with her mop, it’s game over. Make sure to stay away from her! For a little help, grab food power-ups. These make you faster for a short time, helping you dodge the mop-wielding lady.

You can play Mad Cat game online without having to download them on EducateFarm. If you enjoyed this game, you might want to check out Subway Surfers.

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