Stickman Archero Fight

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Stickman Archero Fight

Stickman Archero Fight

Jump into the exciting action of Stickman Archero Fight, a thrilling stickman fighting game. Fight tough battles against many kinds of enemies with different weapons you can find. Start an exciting trip across many levels, facing off against lots of enemies.


Follow these simple instructions to play the game:

MovementW+A+S+D / Arrow Keys
Grab / ThrowE
AttackLeft Click

Move through special portals that take you to new stages, making your stickman stronger after each win until you’re unbeatable in battle. Pick up weapons from around you to make your fighting skills even better. Collect important items to improve your gear, getting ready for what comes next. Use the gold you find to upgrade your character for good, making your stickman even more powerful and ready to dominate every fight.

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