Sue Delivery Meals

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Sue Delivery Meals

Sue Delivery Meals

Sue’s got a cool new game, Sue Delivery Meals, where she’s running her own Chinese restaurant. It’s pretty busy, and she could use your help to make sure all the tasty dishes reach the hungry customers on time.


Follow these simple instructions to play the game:

To Add SauceLeft click
Switch Between Sauces.Space bar

Your job is to serve each dish just right – add flavors, customize them, and make sure they get delivered on time. But here’s the trick: each customer has their own favorite, so pay attention to what they want!

You can play Sue Delivery Meals game online without having to download them on EducateFarm. If you enjoyed this game, you might want to check out Pizza Real Life Cooking.


So, are you up for the challenge in Sue’s Delivery Meals? Jump into the kitchen adventure, help Sue with her Chinese restaurant, and enjoy the thrill of keeping up with the buzzing excitement. Serving each dish to perfection might sound tricky, but with your trusty mouse and the spacebar, you’ll become a pro in no time.

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