Big Shot Boxing


Big Shot Boxing is an exciting online game that lots of gamers love. Created by Colin Lane Games, it gives you a really cool boxing experience that’s both fun and tough.


Follow these simple instructions to play the game:

JabRight Arrow Key
CrossLeft Arrow Key


Playing Big Shot Boxing is easy but really interesting. First, you pick a fighter and get a coach. Then, you learn different moves and tricks to beat your opponents in the boxing ring.

You can use a jab, cross, or uppercut to hit them while making sure you protect yourself. If you want, you can also throw a combination of moves to surprise your opponents.

Training and Strategy

In Big Shot Boxing, you have different ways to train your fighters. It’s totally your choice on how you want to fight. You can go right in and try to knock everyone out, or you might like playing it safe and fighting from a distance. The game also lets you get new characters and change your fighters’ stats however you want.


Big Shot Boxing isn’t just a regular boxing game. It’s a fun and easy game that also has some depth to it, making it a game all boxing fans should try. It’s simple, enjoyable, and has a strategy element that makes it a great choice for gamers.

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