Winter Clash 3D

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Winter Clash 3D

Winter Clash 3D is a cool 3D shooting game, but with a Christmas theme. It’s made by Freeway Interactive, and in this game, you’re on Santa’s side, battling against some naughty elves. Your goal is to get lots of kills and try to be the best on the leaderboard.


Follow these simple instructions to play the game:

MovementW+A+S+D / Arrow Keys
AimRight Click
ShootLeft Click


In Winter Clash 3D, the story is about a rebellion happening in Santa’s workshop. The elves are not happy with their work, and you have to show them what’s what with Santa’s sniper rifle. If you aim at their heads, you can take them down in one shot. And if you use the scope on the rifle, you can shoot from really far away.


Winter Clash 3D has lots of cool things to keep the game fun. You can discover power-ups while you play, and you can ask your friends to join in the fun too. You can also make Santa stronger by making him healthier and giving him better weapons. It makes the game more interesting and strategic.

Upgrades and Achievements

After each round, you get points that make Santa stronger. You can use these points to make Santa healthier, make his sniper rifle more powerful, or make his shotgun better. The game also has a daily leaderboard and challenges to inspire you to try your best and finish all the goals.


Winter Clash 3D is a really fun game that mixes Christmas fun with exciting 3D shooting action. Whether you like action games or just want to play something festive, Winter Clash 3D is a good game to pick.

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